Delivery Information

If products are in stock we typically ship the same day.

In order to deliver the ordered items as quickly as possible, we will always choose the most optimal route. Usually this is the parcel delivery  Post of Slovenia, which means that you can expect delivery the next day. If you are not on delivery at the address given, but you can pick it up at the nearest post office.


Flat rate

worldwide shipping

20g-2kg (€)

Flat rate

worldwide shipping


Flat rate

EUROPA e Russia shipping

2kg-25kg (€)

Up to 100g 4.00 
Up to 250g 5.22 
Up to 500g 6.99 
Up to 1кg 9.77 
Up to 2kg 14.29 
Up to 5kg 46.44  24.58 
Up to 10kg 51.87  30.00 
Up to 15kg 68.86  36.11 
Up to 20kg 75.41  41.57 
Up to 25kg 85.22  49.99 

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