E-liquide Bubble gum - Cristal vape

E-liquide Bubble gum – Cristal vape

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The Vape Crystal bubble gum eliquide is a well known pink chewing gum flavor of all, flavor, smell, everything is there.. Except for the little tattoo.

PG/VG: 50/50 in flask of 10ml

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The Eliquides Cristal vape are made in France. The aromas used are certified food grade. They contain neither diacetyl, nor paraben, nor ambrox. Propylene glycol & Vegetable Glycerin have the property to generate steam. The aromas of food bring all the taste flavors. The alcohol is used to thin and homogenize the mixture. Nicotine is in the form of liquid nicotine, it serves to promote the hit (sensation of contraction of the throat when passing the steam).

Technical Data Sheet

Propylene Glycol 50% organic glycerine 50%
Gourmet Flavor Manufacturing France
Nicotine 0 to 11 mg vial

Soft Plastic 10ml

With child protection and pipette

Additional information

Weight 0.85 g

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