Mechanical Tube Noname Mods OldBoy Mach 24 mm

Noname Mods

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Mechanical Tube Noname Mods


  1. 18650 Battery (NOT Included)
  2. Outer Diameter 24mm
  3. 22mm Hybrid Mount Plate
  4. Aesthetic Ring 22/24mm included

You have to be very careful as the pipes do not have many securities as well as the key.

So you have to  use  a lot of caution and use your common sense.

  • Product recommended only to experienced users it is NOT ADVISABLE to use CLONES for these very powerful mods
  • The mechanical pipe has no electrical circuit.

Mechanical Tube Noname Mods OldBoy Mach 24 mm

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Noname Mods

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Weight 250 g


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