Saponificio Varesino Alder Wooden Bowl

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Alder Wooden bowl – compatible with all our 150 gr Refill

Specially conceived and designed to be able to interchange, with ease and speed, all our Refill.

The use is intuitive: just insert the refill, inclusive of its original packaging in PET, preserving the cardboard box of soap.

At any time, you can extract the refill as a “cartridge”, dry the PET and store in the sales package, inserting a new soap in the bowl.

So, a single bowl will give the possibility to manage different soaps in maximum comfort and without any waste.

The cover is marked with fire and so without the use of laser.

The bowls are handmade by skilled and expert craftsmen, and checked at every stage of processing.

Wood, as a natural product may present with different textures and nuances.

Other imperfections, are not considered a defect, but valuable to guarantee the extreme naturalness and craftsmanship of the product.

Strictly 100% Made in Italy.

The Alder wood is defined as a timber “of water.”

Its properties of strength and the compactness of the fiber, have made possible, among other things, its use for the construction of the foundations of the buildings in Venice.

The Alder looks yellow-orange-red-orange hue taking, following the seasoning.

Warnings and Profiles:
– The bowl should be used only with the appropriate trays in PET
– After use, rinse and let dry naturally, away from heat sources
– Do not immerse in water
– The compartment PET, after being dried, must be placed in its cardboard box



Saponificio Varesino

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Weight 200 g

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